Hydrogen Innovation Festival

Hydrogen Region
European pilot in Médio Tejo


May 29th, 2018
Tomar Municipal Library

- Auditorium -


Electricity consumption is present in every daily activity for each and every citizen and company. More, electricity is fundamental to a life with quality and comfort. However, it is a source for CO2 emissions and therefore contributes to climate change.

Growing environmental awareness and demand for sources of energy that are sustainable and have positive impact on environment, employment, regional and climatically neutral development, motivate the existence of this event.

It is urgent to study and implement new energy sources, enabling reduction in dependence on hydrocarbons within a framework of autonomy and energy self sustainability, that respond adequately to the growth of emerging economies and sustainable development, in the long term.

There is a great opportunity to develop hydrogen potential in a new model. In this model, renewable energies are primary sources, hydrogen is used as an energy regulator of intermittent sources and as a suitable fuel for mobility - an area where hydrogen already plays a relevant role in other regions.

Thus, expecting the generation and sharing of new ideas and solutions, new challenges arise that lead to a future with innovation.



 May 29th 2018, Tomar

 09:00     Reception of participants

 09:15     Opening session
               Anabela Freitas, President of the Tomar’s city council
               Jacinto Lopes, MédioTejo21 President
               Maria do Céu Albuquerque, CIMT President

 09:30     Maria do Céu Albuquerque, CIMT | “Médio Tejo – Hydrogen Pilot Region”

 09:45     Pedro Casero, Fundación para el Desarrollo de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Hidrógeno en Aragón
                “Efficient and reliable production of hydrogen in off-grid installations. ELY4OFF Project” – via internet

 10:00     Manuel Carvalho, Linde | “Production and Distribution of Hydrogen”

 10:15     Paulo Brito, IPP | “Production of Hydrogen from Biomass”

 10:30     Paolo Piccardo, University of Genova
               “Endurance - Enhanced Durability Materials for Advanced Stacks of New Solid Oxide Fuel Cells” – via internet

 10:45     Coffee Break

 11:05     Alfonso Bernad, Fundación para el Desarrollo de las Nuevas Tecnologías del Hidrógeno en Aragón
               “HyTechCycling - New technologies and strategies for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies in the phase
               of recycling and dismantling” – via internet

 11:20     Luís Maia, FCT | “Opportunities in the area of hydrogen in Horizon 2020”

 11:35     João Patrício, IPT | “The role of IPT in supporting innovation in the Region”

 11:50     Carmen Rangel, LNEG | “Hydrogen Challenges as Energy Vector in Portugal: Priorities in Technology and Infrastructures”
               – via internet

 12:05     Debate

 12:30     Lunch

 14:00     Pedro Guedes de Campos, FCH JU | “Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking: Joint Technology Initiative; Projects and Calls;
               Regions&Cities Initiative” – via internet

 14:15     George Avgouropoulos, University of Patras | “IRMFC - Development of a Portable Internal Reforming Methanol High
               Temperature PEM Fuel Cell System” – via internet

 14:30     Federico Zenith, SINTEF | “Giantleap: improving the reliability of hydrogen buses”

 14:45     Martins Soares, Águas de Portugal | “AdP Group - A mobility project adjusted to Climate Change”

 15:00     Ricardo Amaral, Toyota | “Toyota vision towards a Hydrogen Society”

 15:15     Matteo Testi, Fondazione Bruno Kessler | “Research and innovation on novel technologies for hydrogen production, handling,
               storage and utilization: EDEN and CH2P projects” – via internet

 15:30     Valentine Willmann, HyER | “Hydrogen sector: opportunities for cities and regions in Europe” – via internet

 15:45     Paulo Martins, Rui Frazão, Paulo Partidário & Mónica Pinheiro, DGEG/DEIR | “Hydrogen potential and development
               of the Roadmap for Portugal - state of play”

 16:00     Campos Rodrigues, AP2H2 | “Roadmap of the Hydrogen Economy – the opportunity of Portugal 2030”

 16:15     Debate

 16:45     Closing session
               Toyota Mirai presentation - powered by hydrogen

*The event is open to all interested people, but subject to registration.


// Presidents

Anabela Freitas

President of Tomar City Council; President of the General Assembly of the Judicial Network; Direction Member of the Association of Vale do Tejo Municipalities; Direction Member of Resitejo - Association for the Management and Treatment of Médio Tejo Garbage; Direction Member of ADIRN - Association for the Ribatejo Norte Integrated Development; Member of the Steering Committee of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions representing the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities;
Vice-President of Médio Tejo Intermunicipal Community; Direction Member of the Portuguese Association of Municipalities; National Association of Portuguese Municipalities representative in the Lisboa e Vale do Tejo Regional Commission of the National Commission to Combat Desertification.

Jacinto Lopes

President of the Board of Directors of MédioTejo21.
President of Ferreira do Zêzere City Council.

Maria do Céu Albuquerque

President of the Abrantes City Council; President of the Médio Tejo Intermunicipal Community; President of Tagusvalley management; Member of the General Assembly of TECPARQUES; Member of the Board of Directors of International IASP; President of the General Assembly of VALNOR; President of the district Civil Protection committee; Counselor of the Economic and Social Council;
Member of the General Council of the National Municipalities Association; ANMP representative in the Council of the European Communities and regions in the Standing Committee to the equality of women and men in the Local Life; ANMP representative in the Technical Management Committee of the Fund of Promotion of Consumer rights and in the Advisory Committee on the Promotion of Consumers Human Rights.

// National Technicians

Campos Rodrigues

President of AP2H2, Portuguese Hydrogen Association, Founder and manager of GSyF, Energy Consultant.

Carmen Rangel

Dr Carmen M. Rangel is Research Coordinator at the National Laboratory for Energy and Geology in Portugal. She was awarded a Ph.D degree from The University of Leeds, U.K in 1980 and right after, a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Newcastleupon- Tyne, U.K.
As a Research Coordinator, she has been involved in the implementation of an infrastructure for Advanced Research in Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Batteries, in order to address Energy challenges through a portfolio of projects in the field of new materials for electrochemical devices for energy conversion.

Paulo Martins, Rui Frazão, Paulo Partidário & Mónica Pinheiro - DGEG/DEIR

The Division of Research and Renewable Studies from Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG) has the following functions: Monitoring the innovation of energy production processes, including the perspective of environmental protection; Conduct studies and research projects in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, in conjunction with the other DGEG services; Accompany, in conjunction with the institutions of the national scientific and technological system, the identification of the hydrogen potential for energy purposes, as well as the best solutions for its use.
This Division has 7 projects for I&I ongoing, 4 are co-financed at national level, and 3 are funded by the H2020. Currently, this Division has 7 researchers and 5 superior technicians, which includes 5 doctorates in different areas of expertise.

João Patrício

João Patrício holds a degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Coimbra. He is a professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar for almost 20 years; he was the director of the Departmental Unit of Mathematics and Physics of this institution.
He is currently the Director of IPT’s School of Technology of Tomar, as well as, Coordinator of the IPT’s Smart Cities Research Center.

Luís Maia

Luis Maia is the Portuguese National Contact Point (NCP) for the Horizon 2020 Programme in the areas of Transport, Aviation and Energy, being responsible for the Societal Challenge 4 “Smart, Green and Integrated Transport”, Societal Challenge 3 “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” and for the Clean Sky, SESAR, Shift2Rail and FCH Joint Undertakings (JU’s).
This entails, among other things, the organization of events dedicated to disseminating the H2020 Programme, the organization of workshops on proposal writing, and fostering the networking between all stakeholders involved in the development of R&D in the area of transport and energy, at both the national and international level. Luis has a transport consulting background, holding a PhD in Transportation Systems.

Manuel Carvalho

Manuel Carvalho holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, where he completed a Postgraduate in Environmental Engineering with specialization in Water and Effluent Treatment.
He began his professional activity in 1995, in the company Ernesto São Simão, Lda., as sales and marketing manager. Since April 1997 he works at Linde Portugal, Lda., as an application engineer in the industrial gases sector.

Martins Soares

José Maria Martins Soares is the President of the Board of Directors of AdP Energias - Energias Renováveis e Serviços Ambientais, S.A., with executive functions, since September 2016.
Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Metallomechanical Engineering from the University of Minho

Paulo Brito

He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering, Department of Processes and Industry, by Instituto Superior Técnico; Master in “Corrosion Science and Engineering” by UMIST, University of Manchester; PhD in Chemical Engineering, by Instituto Superior Técnico in the area of electrochemistry - on galvanic cells. He also has an MBA - Master of Biseness and Administration.
He is a Coordinating Professor at the School of Technology and Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, where he currently holds the position of President of the Scientific Technical Council and Coordinator of the Research Center for Valorization of Endogenous Resources - VALORIZA.

Ricardo Amaral

Ricardo Jorge Bastos Amaral is Marketing, Communication & CRM Director for Toyota Caetano Portugal since 2015, which is a company that is part of the Salvador Caetano Group. He started the activity at Toyota in 2001, also worked on the Lexus brand, focused on the marketing, product, communication and customer satisfaction areas. He is involved in the management of the programs and events related to environment and sustainability, as are the cases of the program “1 Toyota1 tree”, strategy of implementation of the hybrid vehicles and the project of introduction of the plug-in in Portugal.
Degree in Management by the Faculty of Economics of Porto.

// International Technicians

Alfonso Bernad

Alfonso Bernad, technician in Consultancy and Training Department in the Foundation for the Development of the Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon, he is also an engineer from the University of Zaragoza, working in the HyTechCycling project in the Business Model part of this project.

Federico Zenith

Is senior research scientist at the SINTEF research institute of Trondheim, Norway. He has been working in hydrogen and fuel cells since 2002, with focus on dynamic and control aspects, and has coordinated 3 EU projects on diagnostics and prognostics of fuel cells and hydrogen production from wind.
He has led or collaborated to projects for deployment of hydrogen solutions in ships, rail, industrial vehicles, buses, µCHP systems, wind parks.

George Avgouropoulos

Is an Assistant Professor at the Materials Science Dept. with a M.Sc. diploma in Energy and Environment and a Ph.D. diploma in Chemical Engineering from UPAT.
He has extensive high expertise in catalysis (design, synthesis and characterization of mixed oxides, spinels, noble metals, nanostructured materials), H2 production through low temperature methanol reforming, reactor and fuel cell engineering.

Matteo Testi

Dr. Matteo Testi (male) holds a PhD in physics at the University of Trento (2017) on the novel materials and methods for solid state hydrogen storage technologies and has a master degree in materials science at Università Cà Foscari of Venice (2012). He is involved in different European project of FCH JU.

Paolo Piccardo

Paolo Piccardo, Ph.D., Associate professor in Metallurgy at University of Genoa, Italy, is the coordinator of the Materials and Metallurgy research group at the Dept. of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry.
His research activities are mainly focused on: Clean energy through hydrogen with special care on SOFC and stacks; Additive metal manufacturing and their impact on mechanical and chemical properties; Modern metal manufacturing; Metal-environment interaction; Ancient metallurgy.

Pedro Casero

Holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Zaragoza, Spain. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of R&D in the energy sector while working in the R&D Department in the Puertollano IGCC Demo Plant, where he developed projects in the field of CO2 capture, H2 production, biomass gasification and process optimization.
He joined Aragon Hydrogen Foundation in 2016 and is currently the Innovation Area Manager where projects based on bringing hydrogen technologies closer to the market are developed.

Pedro Guedes de Campos

Financial Engineering Officer at the FCH JU – the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (an European institution exclusively dedicated to the management of Horizon 2020 funds for fuel cells and hydrogen).

Valentine Willmann

Valentine is EU Policy, Partnerships and Projects Manager at HyER. She holds a Master’s Degree in European Cooperation and European Project Management. At HyER she is involved in a wide range of activities to support members to develop their hydrogen and electro-mobility activities in their cities and regions.


Hydrogen Innovation Festival will be held at Tomar Municipal Library. The event locations are here.
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